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The Brief

Sunrise Park Resort is Arizona’s largest ski resort and summer mountain adventure destination. In November 2020, Sunrise Park Resort experienced a brand nightmare: significant seasonal employee changes led to the loss of login credentials for their website domain name and social media accounts. With just weeks before the start of their ski season, Sunrise Park Resort was in dire need to communicate with their visitors.

In just two weeks, SWG Media launched an all-new website for Sunrise Park Resort and started the daunting task of driving traffic to the new site. Along with the digital media concerns, Sunrise had mixed branding from several years of variations to their brand image that lacked consistency. SWG Media developed full brand guidelines for the resort, including logos, colors, design styles, etc. In just three months SWG Media was able to grow Sunrise Park Resort’s web traffic to over 100,000 views and we continue to work with the resort to solidify their updated brand.

Sunrise Park Resort

Website Development

The entirely new website for Sunrise Park Resort has become the most comprehensive and functional website ever produced for the resort. At the start of the 2020-21 ski season, Sunrise Park Resort lost access to their primary domain name of 23 years, along with their social media pages. SWG Media was tasked with developing an entirely new website from scratch as well as promote a new domain name for the resort. SWG Media launched the new website with a focus on the key points for visitors: ski reports, ticket information, and local lodging.

As the ski season came to an end and summer activities around the corner, SWG Media also developed a “switch” system at the top of the website to flip the entire website between their winter and summer variations. Along with the winter and summer variations, the new website for Sunrise Park Resort was designed entirely with mobile platforms in mind. The website sees about 70% of their traffic from mobile devices and every element of the site was optimized for mobile. We also focused on search engine optimization (SEO) to promote the new site and we were able to see over 100,000 views in the first three months.

Sunrise Park Resort Website


Sunrise Park Resort Branding

About a decade ago, Sunrise Park Resort attempted a rebrand to try to attract a younger audience, along with that they utilized a messy script font for their logo. This design was difficult to utilize in marketing for two reasons: (1) it lacked readability due to the script font (especially in smaller uses) and (2) it was off-balance, making it more difficult to design with and less pleasing to the eye.

From 2017-2020, Sunrise was constantly changing the brand image and created several variations of the Sunrise Park Resort Logo. All three variations were inconsistent with the brand and lacked a professional image for the brand.

In 2020, SWG Media proposed cleaning up the logo and branding, paying homage to the 90s traditional version of the brand, with a modern update. This design retains the key Sunrise design elements, with the Crown Dancer, the recognizable three mountains, and turquoise/purple color scheme, all while balancing the design out with centered text. We are currently working to implement this refreshed logo across all marketing material across the resort.

Print Design

New Winter Map: The previous printed winter trail map has been in use for nearly two decades with little revision. With the new brand image, updated designs for the website and social media pages, SWG Media worked to create a new printed trail map to maintain consistency with the other updated designs. This new design also integrates the new mountain map, designed by VistaMap, includes updated information about the resort, and outlines summer activities so the vast number of winter visitors are aware of Sunrise’s summer offerings.

Summer Map: Sunrise Park Resort has always promoted summer with brochures about summer activities, flyers, etc., but until now there has never been a comprehensive summer map. SWG Media collaborated with VistaMap to build a new summer activities map based on the new winter trail map. This new summer map includes an updated look at all mountain bike trails, including those added this season, the zip line course, tubing hill, bike rental shop, rock climbing wall, and more. This design is a combination of a flyer to promote summer activities and a trail map to hand to guests upon arrival since less people are aware of the vast array of summer activities Sunrise has to offer.

Sunrise Park Resort Trail Maps

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